Inspired by the movie "A Brilliant Young Mind (2014)".

The game was made from Feb 9th - Feb 12th and  it is my first game jam.

The game has three levels which are interconnected. Each level has a key and a safe. But they may not match. So, you should try safes from another level. Along the way, there are locked doors which will only open after you answer a Maths question. Don't worry they're easy. And after opening all the safes, you will win the game. 

Everything except art was made by me and between Feb 9 - 12. The free player sprite was downloaded from and the free background and game tiles were downloaded from

Install instructions

Just run the game.


Love OR 16 MB
Mac Love OR 20 MB


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Simple but enjoyable game, however unplayable in browser before it cuts out most of the screen?

Anyway, really nice little game. I enjoyed it aplenty!

Thanks for playing. So sorry for the browser thing. I've fixed it. 



its fine, I just thought I'll let you know :) Keep on making good games!


Sure, thanks!!